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Helmscom Publications

Daily Techncial Overview

The Daily Technical Overview features analysis on the most actively traded U.S. markets. The focus of the five page letter is geared to a retail broker, seeking a general summary and interpretation of short-term technical trends and developments. Often the computer indicators and rigid technical systems do not always match the changing behavior of the market. The subjective human analysis of Mr. Helms provides a concise review of market developments, keeping a focus on short term trends and trading opportunities. Report includes a page of trading ideas titled Short-Term Outlook.

• The Overview report is delivered by email, in a pdf format. 
• A Long Term Technical Review is included monthly.​
• A Morning Update report provide 1-2 day trade ideas.
• The Overview Report covers primary US markets.
• The Overview is published 6:00-6:30 pm CST.
• Prices listed under market symbol are last trading price.
• Common abbreviations used on the report are: • ST = Short Term • LT = Long Term • Obj = Objective • Sdwys = Sideways • TRP = Trend reversal point. A close through the TRP level confirms a trend change.

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HVH Trading Sheet

HVH is based on proprietary indicators designed to identify high probability trend turning intervals and special attention to the application of reasonable adjusting risk management tools as well as a profit capturing module. The HVH is very good at finding likely important trend turning points and then has built in a risk management structure to maintain a relational risk to reward formula. Ideal signals are in a constant state of flux, but the HVH tries to capture within a likely “Profit Zone”. Execution to run HVH is easy.

All orders / updates are performed on a twelve hour interval. The primary order entry is done in the early evening after markets settle around 4:30 pm CST. The second update twelve hours later at 5:15 am CST.

Simulated Performance 7 years​​ Hypothetical Performance 2012 to 11/2019 $235,236 on 1353 Trades $174 profit per trade // $39,206+/- per year Markets Covered: Crude Oil, Heating Oil, Natural Gas, Mini S&P, Nasdaq, Gold, Soybeans.

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Global Trader

The Global Trader report is designed as a quick reference guide of technical points which identify likely areas the market should or should not trade on a near-term basis. Once these areas have been defined, one is able to trade with higher probability risk parameters that can be used both offensively and defensively. The report encapsulates these expected activity zones on the price line display, using both popular and the proprietary VMA methods and clarifies levels as well as trend indicators with a technical comment from Mr. Helms. Global Trader is intended for traders who focus on one or a select number of markets to follow.

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